Collective Audio 710 Twin-Finity Microphone Preamp: Freedom Of Top-notch (Video)

It's a tube mic pre! No, it's a rock-solid-state mic pre! Stop, you're both right! It's the Universal Audio 710 Like-Finity dual-path microphone preamplifier, and it's everything to each one. Well, for the most part it is. The 710 Twin-Finity in no way strays far from the silky, flattering quality with...

Amplify your Godin or other Acoustic Guitar | UpFront Guitars and ...

However, lots of mixer preamps are not that friendly for acoustics and the sound can be a small flat and uninspiring. Here at UpFront Guitars we sell a lot of Godin and Simon and Patrick audio or thinline acoustic guitars. All these guitars have built in electronics, and in nearly everyone cases the buyer does not ask me for advice on how to amplify it. Without a doubt, amplify an acoustic or even the thinline Godin acoustic-electrics is a not easy proposition. This gives rise to the Acoustic Preamp , which is typically a tread heavily box with EQ parameters specially voiced for acoustic guitars.

Source: UpFront Guitars and Music

Is win over needed to wire a microphone? - diyAudio

Technological data Sensitivity -60 dB. Frequency range 300 - 10 000 Hz. Proportions (Ø x H) 31 mm x 9 mm. Impedance 200 kΩ At least twisted couple. Should these parts be wired with coax, and if so what type of coax. These Rudiments use the same old school technology as the original crystal microphones from the 50's and are sourced from Japan. Should the lead from the preamp to the amp be coax, and what type. Ceramic/Crystal NOS Microphone Element/Pill Harmonica, Harp, Mic, Hi Z, Blues. Should the cable from the mic to the preamp be coax, and if so what class. Using the element below I will make a microphone to drive a preamp, then an amp.

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eSSB: Tube or Sturdy State Mic Preamp

Tube circuit are sometimes elevated to mythological status, primarily because they were all we had for about 50 living before solid state came along. First of all, be with you that everything in the signal path can have a noticeable effect on the watertight of your station - the microphone, the cables, the power supply (for condenser mics), the area noise, the impedance of the preamp, even the... It's safe to say that both tube and solid-mess preamps - when properly designed - exhibit low distortion throughout their regular amplitude range. Conversely, a good tube preamp usually sound better than a poorly designed solid-state preamp. But in actual world terms a good solid-state preamp can hard much better than a poorly designed tube preamp.

Source: eSSB

Altec 1566 vacuum tube mic preamp and direct box
The Altec 1566A: A Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamp / Direct Box Project. ... Notes About The Schematic. Regarding capacitance values, ...

Tube Microphone Preamp - Pete Millett's DIY Audio pages
Tube Microphone Preamp. A while back a friend that does some home recording asked me about a tube microphone preamp. ... Click here for a full PDF schematic.

Dual Tube Microphone Preamp
Objective: I wanted to build a tube-based microphone preamplifier from one of the classic designs of the 1940's - 1960's. ... The as-built schematic, ...

Classic Schematics - Gyraf Audio
Here's some schematics and information that can be hard to find elsewhere. ... Tube-Tec MP1A Preamp NTP 179-270 Mic pre and Compressor Amek M-2500 Mic pre stage

Gyraf Audio - G9 DIY
Do-It-Yourself G9 Tube Microphone preamplifier ... schematics, layouts etc. are supplied "as is", and that we can in no way be held responsible for its acurateness, ...

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