Skullcandy Titans In-Ear Headset Review

A appraisal of the Skullcandy Titan In-Ear Headphones. They are a good price and have pretty suitable sound. These are a good pair of earbuds and if you want to grab a couple, head over to Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Chirp: Opening Song - Cinema by...

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You do hardship to make sure that the the earbuds are in at the correct angle, otherwise you won't get the full subsidy of the their audio capabilities. We found that the earphones fitted very cozily and didn't fall out too easily when walking about, while also blocking out a lot of qualifications noise (although there's no active noise-cancelling). Despite the handsome finish and the skull-shaped logo on the back of the earbud, the fabricate is quite subtle so you wouldn't feel out of place got up in these if you're not quite a teenager any more. The fact that Skullcandy describes its products as the "sickest" receiver around should give you some idea of the target audience. The Skullcandy 50/50 earbuds come in a range of colours counting black, white and blue, and we had the red version in for review.

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SRWT: * Skullcandy FMJ Earbuds / Receiver (iPhone Compatible ...

Feel FMJ audio superiority with a new tightly-wrapped, coiled metal chain, plus the addition of a sleek in-line mic. Best Skullcandy FMJ Earbuds / Earpiece (iPhone Compatible) - Silver. That's right, Skullcandy's iPhone FMJ let you and your iPhone rock together AND talk together.

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You should also hold down out the JVC Marshmellows HAFX33 (ended by a letter to point toward color ie. HAFX33B -black- or HAFX33P -pink-). com has the skullcandys for under MSRP. Not persuaded where your bias comes from, cause I'd consider Koss < Skullcandy in terms of quality headphones. Seriously, unless you're a really big audiophile and absolutely need top notch sound, skullcandy is great. I snagged the skullcandy skullcrushers off of amazon awhile back and the sound is great. I have a pair of Sennheiser Earbuds (CX-300) that I got for $37 (MSRP $79. 99, Currently $49. 99 on Amazon) off Amazon and Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Headphones (best sound quality I've ever heard in a set of earphones) for $70 (MSRP $199. 99,...

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Yahoo answersWhat are the greatest earbuds I can get for $20 and under?

  • Music & Music Players

    ebay? walmart? cash store? maybe u can get 10 at money general & then use a different pair each time one breaks(: lmaoo hahah sunny luck!(: ♥♪♫♪♫♪♫

Yahoo answersCan you proceeds earbuds if you've already opened the package?

  • Other - Business & Finance

    yes u can just discover em that they dont fit you and you dont like the feature of the audio theyll definitely transfer it back

Yahoo answersCan you come again earbuds if you've already opened the package?

  • Music & Music Players

    Make itself felt them its either broken, because if you have already opened up a present, they usually won't let you return it, but only if they are nice, they might....;)

Yahoo answersWhat skullcaney earbuds should i get?

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    I contemplate the ones I have are called "ink'd" At least that's what it say on the package. They were only $14 at Target and they're awesome! Couldn't presume anything better than that. Look on the back of the box now and it says: frequency range (20-20k Hz) and impedance (16 ohms). benefit luck!

Yahoo answersWhere can i get skullcandy earbuds?

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    online or target carries some,staples,and some music and motion picture stores. good luck

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